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Meeting Russian Girls Face to Face

Your success in relations with the opposite sex depends on your abilities to understand the signals that were sent by your partner. If you interpret them right you could send your own right signals to her and behave accordingly.

Gestures always accompany our words and express our feelings. Right interpretation of Russian girls gestures can tell you more about her than what she says. In the process of communication both males and females use a big spectrum of verbal and nonverbal seduction methods. Some of them demonstrate the partner's unconcealed intensions. Other ones, in the opposite can tell you about his secret thoughts and hidden desires. In both cases most of the gestures are considered to be subconscious. This is something that gives you a chance to read the intentions of your vis-a-vis.

Please, remember that Russian girls as well as girls from anywhere in the world are expecting a man to understand what they have on their mind. It can be confusing but not for the ones who know how to read their partners hidden desires. If you want to understand a girl, it's better to combine both her words and gestures in trying to analyze a situation. When the words of your girl friend contradict her gestures, then you better trust the gestures.

Russian girls possess a larger spectrum of refined ways to attract attention and manipulate men:

1. Long stares, adjusting hair and clothes, and alluring gestures
2. Dilated pupils and blushing cheeks show a Russian girls excitement.

If you want to have a complete understanding between you and your partner you can read her in a fast and simple way. For this purpose you have to copy her pose and reflect her gestures. Do it unnoticeably and gradually, until you feel yourself quite comfortable.

Since we are talking about our dear Russian girls, of course, guys would like to know how to behave when meeting them after long months of correspondence in the internet. The intimate part of this is also crucial.

So, here's one tip that will help you to understand if a Russian girl is sexually attracted to you. Specialists say, before two people realize on a conscious level that they need or want each other, their body chemistry from the very first moment of their face-to-face meeting knows the answer. The thing is that every person has his or her own comfort or very private space in the radius of 50 centimeters around him. If you want to check some person's intention on this issue, try get closer to him/her breaking this limit and get back in a few seconds. Then see their reaction. If a woman feels free, relaxed, comfortable and allowed you to enter her comfort zone it's a signal to start getting tighter to her.

On the reverse. If she's nervous and tries to get back from you while hiding her irritation, it means she's not ready for any sort of serious sexual relationship. All this happens in your partner's subconscious level, she will never notice that you are testing her. She may not even understand yet if she likes or dislikes you.

A few signs you should watch for when meeting a Russian girl for the first time. Meeting at the Airport:

1. She brought you flowers. For some it might seem awkward, but it is actually a cultural thing, when meeting a long awaited guest for the first time Russians get flowers - no matter a man or a woman.
2. She smiles, runs to you when she sees you, and hangs on your arm followed by at least a sweet kiss on a cheek.
3. She asks about your flight and offers to help you with your bags.
4. She doesn't bring an interpreter or a friend with her. Or if she does, it is only the best friend that she told you about in her letters. Russian girls are the masters of camouflage and they wouldn't want a third person to be involved in something they feel is special.
5. She stays with you at least a few hours when brought to your hotel or apartment. She does not leave right away. If she does leave right away, she probably has more important things than you going on in her life…
6. If she was the one who found the apartment for you to stay, then she definitely cooks something tasty for you to try. Or if she asked you to stay in her place, you would have a lot of different dishes to try and she does make them herself for you.
7. Within your stay period, or when departing, she might give you presents to pass to your friends and relatives. These presents would show you that she wants to have a long term relationship and she is already committed to you in her mind.
8. While on your stay, she introduces you to friends and family.
9. She does not take you to expensive restaurants, expensive malls, and doesn't ask for any presents from you.
10. She never mentions money and tries to pay for things herself. Not many Russian girls can afford to pay for expensive things, but she would try to make a contribution everywhere you go.

When a Russian girl, or any girl for that matter, is interested in a particular man, she just involuntarily puts her feet a bit broader than usually. Her toes will certainly be directed towards the man she is interested in, even though she is surrounded by a few males. And it doesn't matter if she's sitting or standing. Crossed legs always show emotional dissatisfaction, though sometimes a girl does so if she is highly sexually excited. That's why you follow her eyes and mimic her movements.

By the way, girls are about 1000 times more sensitive to different smells than men. So, if they find some odor nice and gentle it can greatly increase their sexual desire. If you want to dispose a Russian girl to yourself, use some good toilet water which is not too strong. You can then go ahead to see the girl of your dreams. The next steps will depend pretty much on your first experience and first meeting.

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